Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best and Worst Dressed: Emmy Awards 2012

So I can never turn down looking at pictures of who wore what on the red carpets. Here's my take on who I liked and who did not get my seal of approval. I'm sure some of my choices are not everyone's favorite looks, but that's what makes fashion fun and interesting! I'd love to hear who you liked and/or didn't like at the Awards. If you have a similar post on your blog, link me to it! :)

^ Ashley Judd's whole look just screamed pageant to me! I believe in florals for fall but leave this pattern on your grandmother's sofa, Juliana Margulies.

^ This is actually a gorgeous dress, just not on Lena Dunham. And would a smile hurt at all?! Every picture I saw of her depicted her as above. And oh how I love Ellen and Portia. Ellen looks dapper, but I just can't get past the jumpsuit on Portia. (I'm not sure I've ever used the term "dapper" towards a female, but I think the term is suitable and applicable here as Ellen looks very put together and smart in her suit.) The pattern is pretty and would have looked great as a mini dress, but this just does nothing for her.

^ I loved these bright looks from Julie Bowen and Padma Lakshmi!

^ Shannon Woodward's dress is gorgeous. I love the gold bodice. I have no idea who Lily Rabe is, but that's nothing that IMDB can't tell me later. What I do know is that I love this dress! The lace overlay is just so breathtaking.

So who were your favorites on Sunday's red carpet?


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