Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Inglot Palette- Review and Swatches!

I gave my birthday money to my sister-in-law to grab me this while she was in Las Vegas. And lucky for me, she was able to find the time to grab all of it for me. I sent her a list of the palette and colors that I wanted, along with back-up colors if one I wanted wasn't available. Four of the ones that were on my list of first choices were not available, so thank goodness that I provided four shade numbers as back-up. It worked out perfectly!

^ 101R, 117R, 114R, Shine 36, Shine 40, Matte 360, Pearl 440, Pearl 399, Pearl 420, and Pearl 423.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ The cases are magnetized. To remove them, turn them to the side and off the magnet. If you try to lift them straight up, you will more than likely scrape your eyeshadows. The eyeshadows are soft to the touch and can be easily nicked.

^ You can barely see the top shade in 101R on my hand. It's a great base eye color and matte highlight shade.

^ I love Pearl 420 (bottom right)! It is a silverish mauve color. It would look great on just about anyone, I think.

My favorite shades so far are 117R, Matte 360, and Pearl 420. These go on and blend like a dream. I like how they come individually packaged in little plastic sleeves and are already magnetized for the palette, very similar to MAC. You can choose different types of palettes, but I wanted to start with a square one that held ten shadows.

The pigmentation is great. They are powdery, which is the only downfall for me. The price is right! The palette was $16US and the eyeshadows were each $6 or $8US (the R ones). After taxes, it came to around $88US. The MAC palettes are the same price, but hold fifteen eyeshadow pans at $12US each. So building an Inglot palette ends up being a good bit cheaper and you don't lose any quality. If you're near an Inglot, check them out. They also offer online and phone ordering. They are extremely worth trying!


Emily (Massachusetts Mask) said...

Ahh Wendy, your posts make me want to go shopping ;)! I always keep going back and forth with myself on whether or not to order from Inglot, I just keep thinking I have ENOUGH eyeshadows! But that Matte 360 shade looks stunning, I think I might have to construct myself a palette after I run out of the matte shades in the Naked palette, that's enough of a compromise for me ;)

Also, I've sent you an email a while back. I'm not usre if you got it, it might have gone to your junk mail folder?! Please let me know :)

Always a joy reading your posts,

Wendy Banner said...

@Emily- Isn't that the biggest problem with beauty and fashion blogs?! My wishlist grows a page every time I view my list, it feels like! :P I completely understand waiting, and the Matte 360 looks like a darker version of Buck in the Naked palette. These are worth looking into in the future, though. They tie Urban Decay as far as pigmentation goes!

Did you? Oh no, I can't say that I ever saw it...I must have deleted it in my spam. :( I would have definitely replied!

Kar Yi said...

Yay, you got your hands on some Inglot! I absolutely love my 10 pan palette from them which I picked up more than a year ago bit admittedly do not reach for enough. These shadows are so much more worth it compared to Mac because the pans hold about double the amount of product! In my experience Inglot definitely has superior pigmentation but I agree the powderiness can be an issue. I wish they had names instead of numbers because it's hard to remember the numbers!

Unknown said...

Sucks that there's no inglot locations in Toronto anymore. I think their eye shadows are more unique than MAC.

kpsays said...

Love your color choices! I've yet to purchase any Inglot items, but will next time I'm near a store. None in my city :(

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