Thursday, August 9, 2012

MAC Patisserie, Capricious, and Syrup Lipsticks

All three of these MAC lipsticks in this post are the lustre finish. It's my favorite formula since it's shiny and doesn't need a gloss! I'll show my other permanent shades in another post. I'll also do a post on my limited edition/discontinued MAC lipsticks soon. It is just easier for me to break them up into smaller posts.

To see more pictures, please keep reading.

^ Patisserie. A peachy nude that is really easy to work with.

^ Capricious. I consider this a fall/winter lipstick. It's very easy to sheer out or make a deeper berry color. It pairs so nicely with the jewel tones that are often worn in the autumn!

^ Syrup. A plummy pink and one of my favorite lipsticks from MAC!


Emily (Massachusetts Mask) said...

You know, I've made a vow in the past after buying Creme de Nude to NEVER get another MAC lipstick since that was SO thick and just didn't feel good on the lips, but these colors are so beautiful! I may have to cheat and get a lustre finish lipstick, these look more up my alley!


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