Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School: Cute Supplies!

I'm not going to school, but it's still fully ingrained in me to get excited this time of year. Yes, I was one of those people that looked forward to school starting. New pretty supplies, shiny new clothes, football games, marching band (hey fellow band geeks!)...ah, I loved it all.

If you're still in school, I know it makes me sound very old when I say to please enjoy it and take in every moment. I'm not saying to enjoy the homework or essays, just enjoy all of this time with your friends! I promise you that it goes by quickly and before you know it, you're out in the real world and attending your school reunions.

Barnes & Noble 3-subject notebook
- $8.95
Planner (via Amazon) - $11.95 - I got into the habit of using a planner in middle school and I've never stopped. I keep track of everything and it almost acts like a journal for me. I keep them all for a keepsake, as well. I can tell you what I was doing on pretty much any given day over the past 10+ years!
Target pencil case - $2.99
Target clipboard - $4.14
Target file folders - $5.19
Bic mechanical pencils (via Target) - $4.94 - Cute pencils and pens just make taking notes a little more fun. I typically took my notes in pencil first and then went back and rewrote them in pen. Rewriting them also helped with my studying since it made my brain take in all of the information again.
Target bookcover - $0.49
Staedtler Fineliner pens (via Amazon) - $19.50 - Perfect for notes and writing in your planner! To this day, I refuse to use just black or blue ink in my planner. If you make it pretty and reflect your personality through it, you'll be more apt to pick it up and actually use it!

I'm such a nerd! This post was a joy to write for me. I get absolutely giddy over school and office supplies. I miss school often, except for early morning classes or labs. I'll never miss those. ;) If you've already started your new school year or you are about to, I hope it turns out to be your best yet!


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