Friday, August 17, 2012

Bathroom Storage Pics via Instagram

First off, let me just say that I was asked to write my first guest post over on Emily's blog! :) I talk about my top five favorite MAC neutral eyeshadows for fall. The blog post is up now, if you guys want to go take a look! And please check out Emily's blog. She's great! ♥

I posted these pictures on my Instagram a few days ago, but I thought they'd make a good post on their own. It's just how I store some things in my bathroom. When my bathroom is organized, I just feel better. I like the room where I start my day getting ready to be pleasing to the eyes and it needs to be easy for me to grab what I need without searching.

This is the left corner of my bathroom counter. The pink basket on the left holds my leave-in conditioners, heat spray, dry shampoo, combs, etc. The pink basket on the right holds my mouthwash, deodorant, hair straightener, curling iron, and a few other little things. The striped circular tin is from Ikea. I covered the original tin with wrapping paper so that it would better fit in with my decor. It holds most of my facial items. Then the clear jar holds cotton squares and Q-Tips.

This iron tray was gifted to us by friends. To be honest, I'm not really sure what it was meant for (I think maybe it's a bread holder?). So I brought into my bathroom and found another use for it. I really like to try to find other uses for things! This sits in the right corner of my bathroom counter. It's the perfect size to hold a few Body Shop back-ups, a Victoria's Secret PINK lotion, and my washcloths.

And I have these resting on my mirror's shelf. These are my favorite Bath & Body Works scents at the moment, so I like to have them showcased and easy to grab. From the left, there is Secret Wonderland spray (in the holder), Secret Wonderland lotion, Charmed Life spray, Pink Chiffon spray, and two Caribbean Escape candles.

So there's a few areas of my bathroom. I've already shown what's in my shower, as well. Hopefully this gives you some storage or organization tips! Have a great weekend!


Stephanie said...

Love love your setup! Especially the face towels--that's so adorable! It almost looks like a hotel there! Feminine without being overly girly!

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