Monday, April 16, 2012

New layout!

My weekend was horrible. My personal email got a virus and my father took it upon himself to delete my whole account, because apparently AOL allows the "head account holder" to do that. I'm estranged from my father due to numerous reasons and AOL will only open my account back up if I talk him into doing so. Are you kidding me? So I have been accepting the fact that I have lost all of my contacts and important emails dating back to over a decade ago. Let's just say that the two parties stated above are not (and won't be) in my good graces any time soon.

Where am I going with this? Oh get myself into a zone where I could forget about my sorrows for awhile, I worked on a new layout for Fashionable Heart this weekend. Sometimes when you get emotional, you just have to let the creative juices flow and take over. I worked on graphics for the Warm & Fuzzy Knits business that I run with my MIL and got this new layout up and running. A great hour or so spent on just worrying if the HTML code was right for this and if the graphic is loading properly on that. It sounds silly, doesn't it? But, oh how sweet it is to divulge in a hobby or senseless task and put all of your energy into it and let the anger melt away.

That brings me to a question. What's one of your favorite hobbies to get lost in when you're angry or depressed? I either do like above and work on graphics or editing pictures or I sing really loudly along to emotional songs. This post was a little more personal than usual and I do hope that is ok. I'll be posting some Revlon Lip Butter swatches in my next post!

P.S.- Please tell me if something is not loading properly for you on the layout! And today is a happy day for me as I celebrate eight years (six of them being married) of being with my husband. Yay! So we're going to treat ourselves to a nice dinner, a decadent dessert, and then veg out in front of the TV for the night. Sounds perfect!


Stephanie said...

Lovely layout! Sorry to hear about your AOL situation! I hope it's all worked out in one way or another!

Unknown said...

Poor you!

I generally channel my emotions into my art!

Take a peak at my blog<3

Project Rattlebag


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