Friday, February 3, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes in Rose Petal & Orchid Hush

I picked up these two blushes at Shoppers while they were on sale. The thing that intrigued me about these blushes is the texture. The colors are not exactly unique, but the "bouncy" texture certainly is!

^ Rose Petal got nicked during the opening. I find these incredibly hard to get open!
To see more pictures and the swatches, please click below.

^ A simple push of a finger leaves an indent in the formula and you can mold it back into shape. It is definitely an odd sensation.

The above swatches took a good four to five layers to show up. I find that these blushes have very little color payoff. I'm NW20 in MAC and I could barely see these on my skin. I do like the feel of them and I think they'd work well with layering another blush over them. Orchid Hush reminds me a lot of my favorite MAC blush duo, Hang Loose.

The cases are really hard to open, in my opinion. This is good if you are traveling with them, but I hate having to struggle to open a product to use. Makes me not want to bother! And because you need a few layers to have it show up properly, I don't see this product lasting long before hitting pan. If you're really wanting to try it for yourself, I say get it when it is on sale. The texture is pretty neat and it does blend well on the skin.

This product is best applied with your fingers. They don't last very long on the cheeks, as mine only lasted a good four hours before fading. However, I do think it will last longer if going the layering route with a powder blush. The whole concept of these blushes is innovative and that alone may make you want to try them. I mean, afterall, that's what worked for me! Worth the hype? No, I personally don't think so. Worth a try? Sure, because it's a cool invention that is new to the block!

Ah, my first Friday without Chuck being on TV. Sadness! Though my team (New England Patriots) is in the Superbowl on Sunday, so I'm focusing on that and my game day menu. :D Unfortunately, I'm stuck watching the Canadian feed so I don't get to watch the new commercials. Boooo hiss! Will you be watching the Superbowl this year?


Anonymous said...

i love these!! im going to have my review up soon xx

fairy_ana said...

Love them! Rose Petal looks gorgeous!

Amy said...

The bouncy part of it makes it look like so much fun...but I'll take your advice and wait for a sale. :)
Patriots! That's supposed to be my team too. ;D...but I'm not a football fan! Haha.

Linh said...

Great review, Wendy! I think I'll probably pass on them... They just don't seem worth it (although I will admit I AM curious with the texture).

Dream1ncolour said...

these look amazing wih they were in the uk xx

beautiful me plus you said...

I love cream blushes.... pity we cant get them here in Ireland!really great blog.... well done.... I am your newest follower!
Greets from Ireland!
xxx Marina

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