Monday, March 21, 2011

Z Palettes

I ordered two Z Palettes earlier when there was a 20% off code in addition to the 10% off code that you get for "liking" them on Facebook. You can sign up on their website to get future deals sent to you.

I ordered the large zebra print and the small pink palettes. They have a very strong magnetic tray. Though it is made of cardboard, I find it to be sturdy. The clear window is a nice addition to a typical palette. While I like them, I would not purchase again except maybe with a decent discount code like this past time. I think they cost a little too much for what they are and that, while smaller, MAC palettes are more durable in the long run.

My small pink one was able to fit nine MAC eyeshadows.

I originally tried to put depotted NYX blushes in, but the top would not close over them. I was not pleased with that. So I put in a few MAC blushes and eyeshadows to show how much you can fit in the large size palettes. Not bad!

General verdict: I like the sizes offered and I like being able to see the products in the palette without having to open it. I don't like the price and the fact that it won't hold many brands that have deeper pans than MAC. It's a toss-up, but I think I'll stick to my MAC palettes in the future.

Random, but did you guys see the Super Moon this weekend? It was so beautiful! It being so big and bright finally allowed me to get a decent shot with my camera. :)
Super Moon in Toronto


Anna Elizabeth said...

Ooh these look nice! I've always been intrigued by Z palettes even though I have virtually NO depotted makeup haha...

Kar Yi said...

I like the idea of free style palettes but the Z palettes are hecka expensive for what they are. I think if I ever buy a freestyle palette it'll be from Stars Makeup Haven because they seem sturdier and they're more reasonably priced.

I saw the full moon too :) It was really pretty ^^

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