Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How To: Depot MAC's Old Quads

Today's post is coming a little late. Our cat decided to use me as a punching bag and attacked my left cheek right under the eye with her claws. So my eye has been swollen, burning, and all of that fun stuff since the early afternoon. Yayyyy. The swelling is finally going down enough to see a bit more, so I'm putting down the ice pack to type this entry.

I already showed how to depot the newer quads, so I thought I'd show how I do the old ones. You can still find quads packaged like this at CCOs. The best part? No heat is required!

-empty palette to put the eyeshadows in
-labels and magnets

This is my Shadowy Lady quad that I recently purchased.

^Using the knife, wedge it into the line between the inner and outer packaging. I find it easiest to pry up right where the latch is in the front. Twist it around to get the plastic to "pop" out. You'll hear it!

^Now you have the trays out and the little metal casing that holds the eyeshadows. They are glued on. I use a medicine dropper to drop some alcohol around each of the pans. You can choose to just dip your knife in the alcohol and wedge it under the pan to loosen the glue. I choose the dropper method because while I'm working on one shadow, the alcohol can be doing its job on the others.

^It is up to your MAC store, but mine will take back the quad packaging for Back to MAC. The trays fit right back in.

^Then, I slapped magnets and labels on them and put them in my palettes. Easy! And it took less than fifteen minutes!

Hope this helped someone. :) Now, off I go back to the land of ice packs and evil cats!


Justine (Productrater) said...

My cats scratch me on a regular basis, but never on my face! I hope you heal okay. :(

Anonymous said...

aww wendy im sorry to hear about the cat! hope your feeling better. <3
btw, just wanted to let you know that i'm having a giveaway at my blog, check it out love xx

Cass said...

Please keep an eye on your injury. My parent's cat scratched my mom on her hand last month and it didn't heal correctly. She had surgery last week (after 2 rounds of antibiotics) because the infection got into the bone. :-(

I don't want to scare you, but I had no clue it could get like that. So just make sure the swelling doesn't get crazy.

Wendy Banner said...

@Justine- It's the weirdest thing! She has only scratched me a few times before and it has always been on my arms. This was a new reaction and I was not very fond of it!

@Christine- It's just going on my list as another reason why I deserve a dog. ;)

@Cass- Oh my goodness! That's so horrible! I've been watching it. Luckily, the scratch has healed and the bruising has gone away for the most part. It's still sore to the touch though, so I'm a little concerned about that. Hope your mom is doing better now!

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