Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Kitty for Sephora Haul

This line really let me down in terms of quality. I think the real standout of the collection is the fragrance. I love Hello Kitty and I especially love the cute packaging, but the quality of the items is not worth the hefty price tag.

The bottles are adorable. I purchased Bubble Gum (left) and Frosted Cupcake (right). Bubble Gum is an opaque pink, but the formula is very streaky. Not only that, but the very same day that I painted my nails they had already started to chip hours after. The glitter polish is slightly better, but very sheer. It looks better layered over other polishes.

I also bought the solid perfume necklace. I'm not a fan of the chain because it feels flimsy. I think I am going to cut the chain off and put the charm on one of my higher quality chains. The charm feels durable and the clasp to the perfume is magnetic.

The perfume has notes of freesia and musk, which I definitely smell. I don't know how many of you picked up Victoria Secret Pink's Bold and Playful while it was available around Christmas, but this smells nearly identical to that scent. I do think the fragrance is one that is easy to find dupes for, but the real reason to buy this would have to be to wear it as a necklace.


Anonymous said...

aww cute! i got one of the glitter polishes but i'll def layer it over another. and i got the full size perfume and love it!

asoftblackstar said...

Eeee! Those Hello Kitty nail polish bottles are adorable!

Kristie said...

I agree with you - the chain's quality isn't too great. However, I do like the smell of the perfume though. Great haul!

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