Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How To: Depot MAC's New Quads

This is hopefully going to help show you how to depot MAC's newer pre-packaged quad design.

The new quads look like this:

What you will need is:
a towel to protect your hand (not needed, but recommended)
a long-handled lighter
a sharp knife
magnets and labels for your palette

First step is to cut out the plastic casing from the back. I sometimes have troubles with this part and get my husband to do it. If the plastic is being difficult, use the lighter just under it to get it warmed up. Your knife should be able to slide in and start popping it out. Hold on to the plastic part, if you need to know the name of the shadows for the labels later.

Step two involves the lighter. Open up the quad and hold it by the plastic lid, so that your hand is far from the heat. Taking the lighter, hold it under one of the eyeshadow pans where the yellow part of the flame is close enough to the plastic to heat it. You don't want the flame to actually touch it. I recommend doing this near an open window, so if it does touch the plastic the fumes will go outside.

It should only take a few seconds to get the plastic bubbling. Check with the top of your knife to see if you can get the shadow to pop out. If not, hold the flame a little longer. The knife should easily go right through. Below, you can see how the melted plastic looks with the hole from the knife.

Before and after:

And finally, step three. The easiest step! You simply put a magnet and label on your newly depotted shadows and pop 'em in a palette.

I generally prefer depotting with a hair straightener, but these quads just won't allow that method. This is the only way that I know of to depot these. If you have an easier way, I'm all ears! Though this method does only take minutes once you get the hang of it. I've done three so far and it does get easier!

If I was unclear about a step or you have further questions, ask away! Again, I do hope this was helpful. :) One more thing...these are not a part of "Back to MAC", as far as I know.


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