Monday, January 17, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Preview Party

Like last year's Spring Colour Forecast Collection, I've been invited once again to a preview party. This time it is for MAC's Wonder Woman Collection. While I don't have much interest in the packaging, I'm hoping the products will be really nice in person. I'm interested in seeing how they made the products bigger for this super-sized collection.

Anyway, I got a new printer/scanner last night and what better way to break it in than by showing you what the invite looks like?! Did you get an invite to the preview in your area? Now for the hard part of deciding either trying to find someone to go with me or going it alone like last time. It's madness at these events, which is why I contemplate going with someone or not! You are lucky if you take just two steps at a time in the crowd. I might have to look into some paper bags, anxiety medication, and sedatives. Ok...I'm exaggerating, but only a little. ;) Here's what the invite looks like!

*details blurred out

I think it is really cute. I actually wish that the product packaging had been more along these lines. You can see the promo pictures of the collection here (link will take you to the Temptalia website).


Unknown said...

Oh wow! So lucky. I can't wait to see this collection myself! x

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