Friday, January 14, 2011

MAC Peacocky, Cham Pale, and Stylishly Yours

I picked up a few select things from the recent collections launched. I swear MAC is trying to give me whiplash with all of these collections they are throwing at me. There is about eight collections out right now and it is a bit ridiculous. I kind of hope they start slowing down the limited edition products and start showing more love to the permanent items!

Group shot!

MAC 209 brush. I haven't really used it yet. It feels very similar to the brushes provided in the Maybelline gel liners. I think it is going to be really good at lining the upper lashes and doing winged liner. I can't give a proper review on it right now, obviously.

Calm Mode TLC (tinted lip conditioner). You can smell the lavender on top of the typical vanilla scent. It is not overpowering, but if you don't like lavender you might not like this. Calm Mode is a gorgeous light pink color.

I love the Mega Metal shadows. I chose the one I thought I would use most, but I'm so tempted to get another shade or two. The formula is really nice and smooth and reminds me of the Starflash formula, which is my favorite. Prance is a mauve-toned silver shade, I'd say. It looks gorgeous on the lid. These shadows are a bit more in price than MAC's regular eyeshadows, but the pans are also bigger.

This is very lavender scented. I got this to spray my face at night. Lavender smells really calm me down and at night, I need it. I spray my pillows with a lavender aromatherapy spray, so I thought this might work along with that. I'm keeping it by my bed for those sleepless nights I encounter.

This probably isn't the palette for you if you already have the two permanent shades (Brule and Retrospeck) or the repromote (Et tu Bouquet). I did not own any of the four, so this was a worthy buy for me. Brule has been on my list for some time now and I missed out on Et tu Bouquet when it was out. Caviar Dreams is the only new color in the quad and it's a shimmery medium brown. These are all a bit sheer, but are buildable and foil nicely.

I'm happy with all of my buys. The product that stands out the most for me are the Mega Metal eyeshadows. If you are going to get anything from MAC's latest collections, I recommend looking at them. Have you bought anything from these recent collection launches?


Pearls & Politics said...

What great buys! Each item looks great! :)

Lillian said...

Ooo, I really love the Mega Metal eyeshadows. I only got one but am so tempted to go back and get more.

Anonymous said...

great haul! i got the cavier dreams palette as well, i get no kick eye kohl, the lip conditioner but the regular one with lavender scent, the dangerous cuvee paint pot and i really want to try the mega metal eyeshadows since ive heard so many good things about them!

Justine (Productrater) said...

My recent mac purchases include two paint pots from cham pale, chilled on ice and vintage selection, both of which I returned because they were gritty and fallout-y. I like the stuff from peacocky, like the kissable lipsicks, but I am trying to be good and not get anything. Wonder woman does not interest me at all, $42 MSF? no thank you!

Nice haul! :)

Linh said...

I haven't bought any products from the recent collections for a while... I'm really intrigued with the Mega Metal shadows though! I refuse to stop by because I'm telling myself I don't need anymore makeup. lol.

Great haul!

Wendy Banner said...

@Pearls & Politics- Did you pick up anything from the collections? :)

@Lillian- I completely agree. They are some of the best shadows that MAC has come out with in a long time.

@Christine- The I Get No Kick looks so pretty. I definitely recommend the eyeshadows!

@Justine- After hearing that about the paint pots, I steered away. I'll stick to the similar colors from Benefit's cream shadows. :) I've heard it's a price increase based on a bigger size for Wonder Woman, but it's still a little steep. The packaging isn't the greatest, either. :/

@Linh- Your self-control is far greater than mine! If you were to get just one thing from any of these collections, I do think the Mega Metals are the thing to get. :)

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