Monday, April 12, 2010


Maybe it's the fact that I got a new shoe rack which has allowed me more room for shoes or maybe it's because I finally went through my collection and got rid of my old pairs that I don't wear anymore...or maybe it's because American Eagle had an additional percentage off of their clearance items and offered free shipping at the same time! The answer is all of the above! :)

Even without a coupon code, you can still get a great deal on some very cute shoes in their clearance section. A lot of my favorite shoes are from AE! It doesn't even take long for them to go to clearance after being sold at the regular price. So if you see a pair you like, hold out for a month, and you'll save $5+. That's my little tip that I follow. Another tip is to sign up for text updates, because they send out a lot of coupon codes through texts. Many are for 20% off!

1. Just a basic pair of white sneakers! Ever since childhood, I still feel like their is nothing quite like putting on a pair of crisp white sneakers. It screams warm weather to me!

2. White wedge shoes. It was really hard to decide between navy and white, but I thought I might be able to pair the white with more.

3. Zebra flats! I already have the leopard ones, so I guess I'm adding to my animal print shoe collection. :)

4. Studded suede flats. I don't have this color of flats and I love the studs and bow details.

5. Basic black flats. One can never have too many pairs of black flats. They go with everything and dress up casual outfits. If I could pick one pair of shoes to live in for the rest of my life, I would choose black flats!

So if you could only pick one pair of shoes to wear for the rest of your days on earth, what would you choose? AND let me know if there is a certain pair of shoes that you are lusting over right now!


Anonymous said...

Super-cute shoes, Wendy! I do love AE shoes and they are of surprisingly good quality. Payless has an amazing selection of AE shoes so if you're ever in the mood to see 'em in person, you can check there :)

Love, Posey

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