Friday, April 9, 2010

Green With Envy

Here is my first look for the Maybelline Dare to Inspire contest! You can find out more about the contest in my previous post.

UDPP to prime my lids, a fluffy eyeshadow brush, a tapered crease brush, a tapered pencil brush, gel liner, volume mascara, and the Green with Envy quad!

After priming my lids, I used the eyeshadow brush to apply the third color from the left to my lids. Using the pencil brush, I used the last color for the "v" on the outer corner and blended it in. With the crease brush, I used the second color and used a windshield wiper movement to blend it. I chose not to use the highlight color on the left, because it would have added too much shimmer to my liking.

I coated my lashes with the first end of the mascara and allowed it time to set. Then, I applied the second end.

I used the gel liner in black to liner my upper lashes. I'm still not very good at working with gel liner, but this formula is easy to work with. I'm getting better with practice! I used the brush that came with the product, because shocker of's not that bad of a brush!

For a daytime look, I skipped the gel liner on the upper lid. I don't like to go really heavy on eyeliner during the day. I added it for a nighttime look, making this a very easy look to take from day to night!

Don't forget about the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Giveaway in my other post! :) Also, I'll be sure to review the products in a later post.

P.S.- Again, I was sent these products to create tutorials and review from a marketing company!


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