Friday, March 5, 2010

My First Etsy Order

Currently excited: I mailed the contest prizes out today!
Currently trying: not to bite my nails
Currently feeling: Happy! TGIF!

I ordered two things from Etsy the other day and I received one of the two in the mail yesterday! I happened upon this girl who sells handmade makeup brush rolls in really fun and girly patterns. She makes regular-sized ones for 12+ (you could double smaller eye brushes in one pocket, if you wanted) brushes and larger ones for 15+ brushes.

I ordered a regular pink and black damask print and it's adorable in person. The quality of these are amazing. The fabric is thick and can be washed! She even sells matching makeup cases. I'd been needing one of these for traveling and I didn't want to pay crazy amounts of money. These cost under US$20! Here are pictures of mine:

The slots range in size. Some are bigger and some are smaller. The slots are big enough to hold at least two smaller handled brushes. However, if you only put one in the slot, it will stay put.

The brushes I've put in the slots are my Sigma brushes. My review on them is coming up on Monday! To my contest winners, be on the lookout for your prizes in the next week or so. They were mailed out today! :) I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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