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Sigma Brushes

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It seems that everywhere I turn these days in the beauty community, there seems to be talk about Sigma. I've decided to give in and I purchased the complete set! Here, I will share pictures, reviews, and a few possible uses for each brush.

SS224- Uses: lid color, crease color, blending, highlighting brow bone

SS219- Uses: crease color, outer corner, smudge eyeliner, wash of color on lower lashline, inner corner highlighter

SS194- Uses: concealer, applying eye bases

SS187- Uses: both liquid and powder foundation, blush, bronzer

SS266- Uses: eyebrows, crease color, eyeliner

SS190- Uses: liquid foundation, primer

SS150- Uses: powder, powder foundation, blush, bronzer

SS252- Uses: eye bases, lid color

SS168- Uses: contouring, highlighting

SS275- Uses: crease color, browbone highlighter

SS209- Uses: eyeliner, lip brush, concealer

SS239- Uses: lid color, browbone highlighter

Ordering a kit right now also gets you a free travel-sized SS217 brush.

SS217- Uses: eye base color, lid color, highlight brow bone

Out of all of the brushes, my favorites are: SS150 (face), SS194 (face), SS224 (eyes), and the SS219 (eyes). The one that is the most disappointing is the SS187. It's just not dense enough for my liking. I find it being the one I reach for the least. And honestly, it's the only brush that I don't like in the set.

You should wash the brushes before use. They will shed quite a bit during the first wash, but that's normal. They do not seem to shed much after that. You also have the option of getting a brush roll with them, but I purchased a different one (see post below). I think these brushes are definitely worth the money and I really do like them. Shipping was rather fast and came in a lovely black drawstring bag. In this case, I'm glad I gave in to peer pressure! ;)

Let me know if you have any further questions about the brushes. And if you already own them, feel free to tell me what you think, a few uses that I might never have thought of, etc.!


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

You finally got them!!

Do you think they are 100x better than QUO, because I just recently started buying QUO and I really like them...I don't know if I should still get the sigma brushes. What do you think?

Alina said...

I cant wait to get my own set! They look great!

Wendy Banner said...

When I got them, I was comparing the similar brushes to my QUO ones. Quite frankly, I find them to be very similar! The SS168 (contour), the SS224 (crease blender), the SS239 (eye), and the SS252 (eye) are all just as good as the QUO equivalents.

Luckily, those are brushes that I find useful to own more of. Then I can have my lazy days of "I don't feel like washing them today!" :)

I might be leaning a bit more towards Sigma right now. While the quality is near on par with QUO, the Sigma handles tend to be longer and easier to hold onto. The crease blending brush is fluffier. The contour/blush brush is slightly bigger.

I'll take the QUO bronzing brush (187 clone)over the Sigma one any day of the week, though. It's bigger in size and has twice the thickness!

Jamie said...

Are you still liking the Sigma brushes? I've had mines for a year and a half now and I'm not liking them at all. They shed ridiculously :(

Wendy Banner said...

@Jamie- Really? That's such a shame! I must have got a good batch, because mine hardly shed at all aside from one or two hairs from time-to-time. I'd definitely repurchase just based on the ones I own. I hate that yours are like that!

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