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Best & Worst: Oscars 2010

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The Oscars were this past Sunday. Like always, I just don't care about the award shows at all. I do, however, love the red carpet! I love when stars do it right with their outfits for the night and cringe when they don't. It is all a matter of personal taste, of course. In no particular order, here's my list of the best and worst dressed celebs to walk down the carpet!

Demi Moore looking gorgeous!

Cameron Diaz resembling old school Hollywood glamour.

Anna Kendrick. Who knew someone from the Twilight franchise could actually pick something decent?! Kristen Stewart, take note. Way to go, Anna!

Miley Cyrus looked gorgeous. The hair and accessories were perfect.

Poor Tina Fey. Someone needs a new stylist.

Sandra Bullock. I know a lot of people liked this, but I just think she could have picked something better. Between the dress and the flat hair, it just seems to age her.

Jennifer Lopez. How did she sit down in the chairs? And it looks like fish scales or bubble wrap. I haven't decided which yet.

Sarah Jessica Parker. My biggest beef with the dress is that it gives her no shape. The color is the next problem. I think her makeup artist went a little overboard with the bronzer, as well.

If you watched the red carpet, the awards shows, or saw pictures on other websites, who passed and who flunked in your eyes?


SarahGermaine7 said...

I totally agree with Sandra Bullock..I was not a fan!

As for my best dressed...Rachel McAdams was my favorite of the night. I absolutely adored her dress!

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