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Aquafresh Whitening Trays

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As you know, I've been using the Aquafresh Whitening Trays for the past week. I have finished them now, so here are my pictures along with my thoughts and review.

You should know that the trays are not like the flexible plastic trays. They feel the same as Crest Whitestrips. However, they have gel built in to the trays. There are seven packets that are each divided with two trays- one for upper teeth and one for the lower teeth. When you put them on the teeth, you just press them gently onto the teeth and dispersing the gel evenly. You are supposed to keep them on between 30-45 minutes for once a day. Try not to swallow. Then, when you take them out, just rinse your mouth out to clear any excess gel.

My thoughts? Well, I like them more than the Crest strips. These stayed on my teeth. I was able to talk if I needed to. Not being able to swallow is difficult and I found that sometimes there would be foaming of where the saliva would meet the gel. If any of the gel hits your gums, there can be a tingling sensation that can provide discomfort. I only accidentally did that once, but I was able to handle it.

If it does touch your gums, they turn white for a little while. I have really sensitive teeth, but I did not experience too much of a problem with these as far as sensitivity goes. With my rinse afterward, I did use warm water as opposed to cold to dodge any sensitivities. I think the term trays is used loosely, as they are more like sleeves. I did notice a change in shades, but I did not really receive the results that I would have liked. I liked these for a quick fix, but I still prefer the flexible plastic tray systems.

Before Aquafresh trays:

I have problems with stains. I like my coffees, sodas, and teas. What can I say? :)

After third use:

They say you're supposed to notice a change by the third use. I did notice a slight change!

Final use:

Not bad. Most of the staining is gone! I do have a few whiter splotches from the bleach on the ends of my teeth. I can deal with that, because it's not that noticeable and I don't plan on having too many people getting near enough to notice. :P The results are supposed to last up to six months, so we'll see!

Have you whitened your teeth? What do you use (Crest, Aquafresh, another brand, etc.)? I've heard Catherine Zeta-Jones uses fresh strawberries to brush her teeth and whiten them!


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