Thursday, February 4, 2010

MAC Compacts Old vs. New

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MAC just recently changed their quad compacts with the launch of their new Spring Colours collection. I know they also changed the shape of the pigment bottles recently, which I do not care for at all. Here are pictures comparing the new compact to the old, as well as my thoughts.

In retrospect, I should have cleaned off my old one a bit...but oh well. Disregard the eyeshadow dust! :)

They changed the color of the MAC font.

While you're disregarding the dirty old compact in the last two pictures, you can add my chipped nail polish to that list. Eek! You can see that the new compacts have a black rim as opposed to the old clear rims.

I don't like that the new design has added a bit of bulk to the compact. They are now slightly thicker and wider.

I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but the old ones had a plastic clasp closing. The new ones are magnetized. I actually really like this addition, because it's foolproof and adds ease. I also like that the new lids flip completely open and can lay flat.

While I can handle the bulk if I have to, this next thing is the number one thing I dislike about the new quad compacts. They took out the nice little swoop above each eyeshadow, which made them a lot easier to take out to look at shades or to put in different compacts. Now you'll have to use something to pry the new ones out.

All-in-all, I'm not a big fan of the new design. I'm happy that I rarely use the quads. I much prefer using the 15 eyeshadow palettes. I think this is a downgrade! That's just my opinion, of course. If you have the new quads, feel free to share what you like or dislike about them!

P.S.- On a personal level, I'd love it if you would offer prayers, wishes, and positive thoughts for my uncle Dean. He had emergency open heart surgery yesterday along with two heart attacks. He's in the ICU now and is not doing well. Thank you!


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

My thoughts go out to your Uncle, I hope he is recovering.


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