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MAC Spring Colour Collection

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So this post will be lengthy and picture heavy, just to warn you. I want to talk about what I got, the swatches, and what went on at the party. So keep reading, if that interests you! :)

You call in to RSVP with your name and they ask which time you want to come in. I asked which would be the least crowded time to attend and was told 8pm. It was still very crowded! If you've been to MAC, you know that most of them are already pretty cramped. Add about 40-50 people to that tiny space and you'll be able to picture what it's like to be at the party. It was crazy!

They offered little finger foods and drinks as you browse. They put parts of the collection at different parts of the store so that the crowd wouldn't be all in one zone. If invited to a party, I recommend doing what I did and getting a look at the collection online so that you have a general idea of what you want. It saved me a lot of time! They give you a card for you to write everything down to hand in and that's about it. I managed to weave through the crowds and be out within half an hour. Some people might like to stay longer, but I really hate crowds and I was by myself so I found what I wanted and got out. Anything else you want to know about the parties, just ask!

As I assumed, some things I was interested in changed and one thing won me over that I didn't expect. That never fails! On to the pictures and swatches of what I bought!

Cultureclash lipglass. It's a really pretty pink that I think would also look good over Plink! lipstick, if you have that.

Phlox lipstick. It's a glaze finish and very sheer. It looks good under Cultureclash, but I would say it would probably also look good under MAC's Love Nectar or maybe NARS Orgasm gloss.

Colour Me Coral lipstick (frost finish). This is the color that surprised me in person. I planned on looking at Victoria, but this one interested me more. It's not a crazy coral color. I intend to wear it with my Euro Beat Dazzleglass over it.


^Phlox lipstick paired with Cultureclash

^Colour Me Coral paired with Euro Beat

Quad 3. Pretty purple quad! I'll compare the new compacts to the old ones in tomorrow's post. I'm not impressed by them, sadly. All are LE and Mink Pink is a repromote.

Sorry for the somewhat blurry swatches. My camera and I were not getting along today. You can guarantee that he will be punished for not behaving. :P

Quad 4. This is much more gorgeous in person than it is on the MAC website! All are LE and Flip is a repromote.

Manila Paper was near impossible to get to show up. It's a very pretty highlight color!


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

awesome stuff you got!! which location did you go to, the pro store on queen street or eaton centre?

Wendy Banner said...

I went to the one in the Scarborough Town Centre. At first I was excited to be invited to that one because it's closer to me and I thought not as many people would go. Boy was I wrong! :D

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Oh I've never been to Scarborough. I really want to go to the pro store on Queen and get a bunch of stuff (from the pro line too) plus stuff from the new collections!

You didn't like any of the blush ombres?

Wendy Banner said...

I definitely have to plan a trip to the Pro store! I'm just afraid for my wallet. Oi! I really like the Scarborough location because it's not as busy since it's not downtown. I can almost always find things that are sold out at other locations or online. :)

I was personally disappointed by the Ombres. The Ripe Peach one that I was most excited about is the most versatile. However, my face already flushes red and this just brought that out. They are bigger than a regular blush as well, as I was hoping to be able to depot them and put them in my blush palette. So I decided against getting one. The Springshine one looks like a nice contour color, though!

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Oh thats a shame about the ombres, I guess I should go check them out in person. I called my Mac store and I'm planning on heading to a lush event on the 11th so they are putting aside all the blushes for me, and I'll buy the ones I want. I was planning on getting all of them except the springshine, cause contouring doesn't work well on me, but I'll give a chance once I'm in the store!

Wendy Banner said...

I think I was only disappoint in the pink one because I have one similar to that color. I can't work purple/berry tones very well, so that ruled the purple out.

Ripe Peach is definitely pretty! I only wish it didn't bring out the red in my skintone. I might still give in and get it and just use it as either a layer under/over another blush or with a slight hand across the cheeks. I have to think about if I would really use it to see if it's worth $30 for me.

They are relatively bigger than the regular blushes. I would say it's about the same size diameter as the MSFs. So it's a lot of product for the price!

Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

Yeah $30 isn't that bad when you compare the size, I'm a fool for the pretty gradients the blushes have.

I've spent $36 on almost all the benefit blushes, so $30 isn't as tough of a pill for me to sallow. But we shall see, I'll do a haul post once I get my stuff from the collection!

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