Friday, January 15, 2010

New Toys for my Electronics

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I just ordered a few cases for my Blackberry as well as a stylus for my iPod Touch from Accessory Geeks. I think part of the fun of getting a new phone is getting to buy new items for it. I have a Curve in red, so I tried to get cases that would not look weird with the red background on the keyboard. I'm still on the lookout for a perfect leopard printed case! The ones I've seen so far have just not hit the spot. So if you know of a great place for cute cases (preferably silicone), please share a link! :)

A basic purple one. I wanted a basic one, but I didn't just want a basic color. I'm thinking the purple will look good with the red.

Couldn't find the perfect leopard one, so I settled for zebra. I needed one "in your face" printed one! :)

Had to get this one the minute I saw it. My nickname has always been Wendy the Pooh, so I couldn't say no to this. Not to mention that I'm a Disney freak.

I wanted a stylus for my iPod Touch, because honestly sometimes typing is a pain in the you-know-what on it. I hope this thing works!


Cass said...

A big massive THANK YOU for pointing me to that website. I've had the red Curve for basically since it came out and I've used the same holder that came with it the whole time. Nothing I found in store would match with the awesome red color.

I now have to figure out exactly what I want, that zebra print is pretty perfect. Maybe more than one. ;-)

Wendy Banner said...

If you order, use their YouTube code for 10% off- youtube10. :) I'm pretty excited to get it all in the mail. And it's a pretty good price too!

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