Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed

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I'm not much of an awards show watcher unless one of my favorite performers is set to perform. However, I do love watching the arrivals to see what everyone is wearing. There were definitely some highs and lows at last night's event. This is my personal list of who rocked the carpet and who failed to impress. The lists are in no particular order.

1. Emily Blunt - The color and fit is gorgeous.

2. Amy Poehler - Such a simplistic yet elegant dress.

3. Jane Lynch - I chalk this one under the "unexpected" category! She looks fabulous!

4. Jennifer Aniston - Brad Pitt is an idiot. This dress does nothing but prove that. Jen looks sexy and beautiful!

5. Lea Michele - I love this dress. Love is an understatement, actually. Lea actually wore this dress and did not let it wear her. She completely owned it!

1. Jayma Mays - Walking in a spiderweb!

2. Julianne Moore - To show up with a designer while wearing another designer's dress seems a bit insensitive to me. Not to mention she'd probably have looked better in a Tom Ford design!

3. Tina Fey - The shape is bad...very bad...with that print.

4-5. Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane - This couple takes the 4th and 5th spot on my list. He's wearing all black until you get to his brown shoes. Not a fan of that! And I don't even know where to start with Patricia's dress. I really wish she'd hire a stylist.

Hope all of my fellow American readers are enjoying their holiday today! And thank you to all of those that provided prayers and positive thoughts for my mother-in-law. She comes home from the hospital tomorrow. :)


Kerri Fortune said...

haha i totally agree with your brad pitt comment. jolie has nothing on aniston in my eyes :)

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