Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My 400th Post! - Mini Drug Store Haul

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I'm still away all this week so I'm trying to come up some posts for what I have around me. I got these things this past weekend, so luckily they are on hand! It's just a small haul, but there were sales going on! 25% off of Revlon products and 15% off of Gosh products. :)

I decided to add to my lipliner collection since I don't own that many. I took advantage of the Gosh sale to purchase Darling, which a lot of beauty bloggers rave about. I particularly got it to see how it compares to Creme D'Nude and to do a comparison blog for you guys later. And with the eyeliner pen, I wanted to see if I like the pen applicator. I have been wanting to try MAC's Penultimate liner, but I don't want to pay C$20 for something that I may not like.


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