Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Huge MAC Haul

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So I almost called this post "Big MAC Haul", but that just made me think of McDonald's so I chose huge as a descriptive instead. :) I decided to spend my Christmas money on something that would make me happy and something that I would of course, I chose to spend the majority of it on makeup. That's the fun thing about getting money on birthdays and Christmas because it's expected to buy something that you would have asked for in the first place!

I ordered ten things and they are expected to arrive tomorrow! As always, I'll be sure to do swatches later! I never find the swatches on MAC to be anywhere close to true-to-life.

A blush palette. I already own one blush that I plan on depotting. If you plan on owning more than one blush, buying the palettes and refill pans will save you money. And it takes up less room in your makeup storage.

Two blushes. I don't have any blushes that are light in color like these. I thought it would be a nice change and would look really good layered with other blushes and MSFs.

Two Dazzleglasses. Both of these are LE. Euro Beat is from the Euristocrats II Collection and Goldyrocks is from Double Dazzle Dazzleglass Collection.

Plink! lipstick. This gets a lot of raves, so I thought I would try it out. I was thinking of seeing what it would look like with Euro Beat layered over it.

A lipgelee. This is my first lipgelee and it's LE from the MAC in Lillyland Collection that is out now. I thought of getting the pink or purple one, but this one caught my eye the fastest. It looks gorgeous!

Three eyeshadows. I only needed three more eyeshadows to fill up my palette, so I picked up three that I've been wanting for awhile and that have top reviews. I also think that these will be very versatile and will fit nicely in my neutral palette.


Lu - The Pink Bandit said...

Lol at 'big mac haul' hehe. You got some pretty things. The only thing I have from those is ricepaper and I like that. x

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