Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Put a Spell On You and Now You're Mine

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I got the Put a Spell On You pink lip bag from the MAC Holiday 2009 Collection for Christmas. Here are my swatches and reviews!

You know I love pink lips! This lip kit is fantastic. They all seem so plain when separated, but they look fantastic when layered together. I wish Dream was not LE. And now, I don't know how I ever lived without Baby Sparks Dazzleglass!

Dervish lipliner- A pink nude lipliner. It matches the natural color of my lips when I don't cancel out the pigmentation. With that said, I can use it both ways and get two different looks. Reading other reviews, I noticed many saying that this pencil was hard. The one that came in my bag is rather soft and goes on quite easily. I do recommend using this with pale pink lipsticks, because it does add an extra dimension to the color. This is a part of the permanent collection.

Dream lipstick- It is a glaze finish and is limited edition as part of the holiday collection. It's a pale pink and looks very different when worn on its own as opposed to over a lipliner. Because it is a glaze it has more of a gloss finish so if you want more color, you really should pair it with either a lipliner or a tinted gloss over it. I really like this color. I wish I could buy a single one outside of the lip bag to keep as a back-up.

Baby Sparks Dazzleglass- This is a very popular dazzleglass and probably their most sold. It's a gorgeous pink with purple and blue glitter mixed in. When one layer is applied, it's more of a clear wash of color. When layered, the pink becomes more noticeable. This looks beautiful layered over Dream, and I'm looking forward to seeing what else it looks good over.


And in a non-related matter: I'd love it if you beautiful people would direct prayers or positive thoughts to my mother-in-law to have a speedy recovery. She had knee surgery today and is in the hospital until Tuesday!


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