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Baby, It's Fashion! Pt. 3

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Time for my Best and Worst Dressed List for the previous year! I've done this in 2007 and 2008. :) These are in no particular order. Here are my top 5s! Feel free to share in the comments which stars sizzled and fizzled for you in the past year!

1. Lauren Conrad- I love that she has fun with fashion! This fashion designer is learning what looks right on her.

2. Miley Cyrus- I think she dresses appropriately for her age on the red carpet. In real life, maybe not. I've loved almost every dress that she has worn to awards shows.

3. Taylor Swift- I think she is quickly becoming the queen of glamour! Many of her dresses sparkle, much like her personality.

4. Emma Watson- She's making a name for herself in the fashion world alongside her acting skills.

5. Jennifer Aniston- She knows how to dress for her personality, shape, and skintone. She makes even the most basic of things look great!

Honorable Mentions: Rachel Bilson, Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie, and Anne Hathaway

1. Taylor Momsen- This girl has forgotten her age and it often looks like she has also forgotten her pants!

2. Leighton Meester- I think she needs the stylist on Gossip Girl to help her with her own wardrobe. She tries to be high fashion, but all I see is a wreck of trends meshed together.

3. Madonna- I just wish that she would begin dressing her age. Though to be fair, if I had her body...I might not want to either. Plus, I really just don't get the bunny ears trend that is happening right now.

4. Rihanna- I like that she takes chances, but they always seem to backfire. When she downplays it is when she gets it closer to right.

5. Kristen Stewart- I don't often mind her dress choices, I just don't like that she tries to hard to make it look like she doesn't care. Whether it is disheveled hair, sneakers as a shoe choice, or fumbling with her awards speeches...If she really didn't care, she wouldn't try so hard to prove it. If that makes any sense!

Honorable Mentions: Glenn Close, M.I.A., Paula Abdul, Paris Hilton, and Megan Fox.

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Monica said...

i semi-agree and semi-disagree with a lot of your choices and reasoning, but i like that you did this!
i think that's the beauty of it all is that everyone's take and/or opinion on the same outfit on the same person at the same event can be totally different

Intrinsically Florrie said...

What on earth is Leighton Meester wearing there?! O.o The hair and everything!
And Blair dresses so well.
In general I don't hate Leighton's style *too* much but it's variable and I so often find myself thinking she goes for too stronger, heavy make up.

Florrie x

Wendy Banner said...

I think Leighton has both a lot of hits and misses. That's why I put her on my worst dressed list, because I feel like she often misses it due to just going too far. She looks so much better when she goes the glamour route as opposed to the rocker chick route. :)

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