Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November Favorites

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As always, I'm getting this out quickly so it still somewhat applies to the following month. Here were my favorites last month!

1. Bumble & bumble Seaweed shampoo. I have oily hair and this shampoo has been great. It doesn't make my hair feel oily the day after a shampoo and helps me go longer between washes. It's got a very natural smell, kind of on the herbal side (not too strong, though).

2. Gosh Primer. I might be jumping the gun on this one since I just bought it. However, I can tell you that it works better than my Philosophy one. I'm really liking it and I look forward to reviewing it soon.

3. Cetaphil. I got this two weeks ago and it's all sorts of amazing. A review on this is to follow, as well.

4. MAC Tendertones. They smell so yummy and have a very light tint to them. I still owe a review. I will get to it. I've been making a list of things I need to review and I'm crossing them out as I go!

5. MAC Go eyeshadow in the Starflash formula. It's a very pretty brown similar to Urban Decay's Smog. I wore it all this past week paired with MAC's Era. I will swatch this and review it later.

6. Gap/Old Navy chenille socks. I own two pairs from Gap and two pairs from Old Navy. I'm so addicted. They are ridiculously soft and I like them as a nice alternative to slippers. My feet get nice and warm within minutes!

What are some of your favorites from the past month? A favorite nail polish? Lipstick? Book? Tell me of your current obsessions!

*Please see my new FTC Disclaimer on the sidebar. They have set new guidelines that go in effect today. All of the products mentioned in this post has been bought with my own money and no company has approached me on any of them.


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