Monday, November 30, 2009

Coastal Scents Haul

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Coastal Scents had a sale this weekend for Black Friday and it was 25% off of your purchase. It actually ends tonight at midnight, so you still have time to take advantage of it! If you've been wanting to try their palettes and whatnot, now is your perfect opportunity! To my knowledge, that's the best sale they have had all year.

I had four things on my Christmas list, so I went ahead and got them. I told my husband about the sale, because why should he wait and have to pay more?! I'll still be waiting until we open gifts to play with them, of course. I actually don't mind knowing some of my presents. I absolutely despise surprises! I'm not crazy, I promise. :)

88 Pc. Ultra Shimmer Palette - You guys know I already have the matte version and I love it, so I'm looking forward to trying it out!

88 Pc. Warm Palette - I think I'm really going to enjoy this on those "neutral" days. I've been watching tutorials online with this palette and the colors are gorgeous.

Professional Camouflage Concealer Palette - I like the different shades in this, so that you can mix it to make the best shade. I plan on doubling the darker shades (that will get less use as a concealer) to contour my face.
TIP: Think about other ways to use your makeup. If you have something you don't think you can use, chances are you can come up with another way to use it! For example- that pink eyeshadow that makes you look like you are sick? Use it as a blush!

Pep Pink lip gloss - It's no secret that I love pink lips. Going through my collection, I came to realization that I don't have a true baby pink gloss. I'm hoping the picture shows the color as true-to-life!

I wanted to get this up today, so you will still have a chance to take advantage of the sale! I had my Lady GaGa concert on Saturday and I'll do my best to write a review on it this week with the setlist, opening acts, costumes, etc. Are any of you seeing her on this tour? She's so fabulous!

P.S.- I just want to add that this is my third order with this company. I've never been disappointed! Case in point, my order just went through today and I placed it online last night. It's shipping from Florida to Toronto and it's expected to get here by Wednesday! They are very quick to place the order and ship it out. They get a major thumbs up not only on quality, but on the ease of placing orders and speed of shipping.


Intrinsically Florrie said...

WOW- those top two palettes. Just amazing. :)

Florrie x

Wendy Banner said...

I can`t say enough good things about them. I honestly haven`t heard a negative thing about them (except that they are powdery) from anyone, actually. They are very pigmented. I use my matte one quite often.

I can do a whole look with them. They have the highlights, the crease colors, and I use the black often as a shadow liner. :)

Anonymous said...


I ordered my stuff on the 28th, and I still haven't gotten my stuff :|

What type of shipping did you use?

Wendy Banner said...

I'm so sorry it's been that long for you! Did they give you a tracking number to use to follow it? I tracked mine. I had no problem with the company. They ship relatively quickly, but I have a heck of a time with FedEx. They got my package to me about two days later than it was expected to arrive.

Since I'm in Toronto, I used the cheapest shipping available- FedEx International Economy. Is this what you used?

I emailed the company about five days ago to tell them that I was pleased with my order and they got back to me after two days with a response. If you don't get it soon, I'd definitely shoot them an email!

Considering I ordered mine around the same time and have it already, you should definitely have yours! :(

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