Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! This is where it's nice to be married to a Canadian- I get two Thanksgivings every year. :) They celebrate in early October!

Since I'm technically a party of one up here, I'm going out or ordering in with my husband for some rotisserie chicken at Swiss Chalet. Yep, that's my grand plan. I have plenty to be thankful for this year and I've decided to make a small list that is related to this website (and YOU!).

~ I'm VERY thankful for those who visit my blog. I'm even more thankful for those that come here often and choose to follow it.

~ In the past month, three people in specific have paid me some of the best compliments that I have gotten on here. Those compliments did not go unnoticed and I am very touched.

~ I've gotten to know a few of you a bit more on here and I love it! Let's keep talking!

~ I'm very thankful for the attention that my blog has gotten. It has opened a few opportunities for me. I'm getting more hits everyday, as well. I work hard on this site and it just hits my heart every single time another person visits or another door opens. I plan to keep this site going for a long time yet and work even harder!

~ I'm thankful for having a place where I can talk about some of my favorite hobbies- makeup, fashion, shopping, hair, photography, skincare, technology, etc. Some people may not like that I don't make this strictly fashion or makeup, but those are just two of my loves and I like to shake it up a bit!

~ Thank you to my readers! Did I already say that?! Yes, I did...but it absolutely deserves to be said over and over again. You guys make this even better. I mean, otherwise, I'd just be sitting here talking to myself. Fun, but not as fun. :P Love you all!


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