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Toronto IMATS Haul

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Time for my relatively small haul from IMATS! I say small, because you should have seen the amount that some people bought! I went in on a budget and knew what I could spend and I spent it with $3.08 to spare! There will be reviews, swatches, and whatnot on most (if not all) of the products I bought. I know IMATS is around the corner for some people, so I'm happy to let you know more about what to expect! Most of what I bought is from private labels that you can't buy in stores.

Everything together! Three palettes, two kabukis, five brushes, one pigment, two shadows, and a lipstick. :)

My first pigment from OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics). This is such a gorgeous color. I'll be sure to give a swatch or a FOTD with it! I really wanted a lip tar, but by the time I went all of the pretty colors that I wanted were gone. I'll either order it online or wait until next year's IMATS.

This is the only brush I purchased from Royal & Langnickel. It's not because there wasn't more that I liked, but because I had my mind set on something else to buy at a different booth. I am always in the need for more kabuki brushes, and this one was a steal at $4!

These are from Crown Brushes. They are all from their Luna Series except for the kabuki. The brushes are kabuki, an eyeshadow brush, crease blending brush, two lip brushes, and a flat bronzing brush.

I bought one empty eyeshadow palette from Auraline. My other palette is almost full, so I'll probably move into this one soon.

Both of these palettes are from Auraline. The first one is the neutral eye and the second one is the smoky eye. A few of the colors are duplicated in the palette, but because they are the highlighters or colors that I really like...I overlooked it. These eyeshadows are pro-sized, so they are going to last me a good while. Can't wait to start playing!

The Make Up For Ever line was not nearly as bad as I expected. I assume it's because I went on the last day and not so early in the morning. 40% off! I wish I could have gotten more, but a lot of things were sold out. I expected that and I'm quite glad, because I would have easily spent all of my money at that one booth! :)

The eyeshadows are #81 (Metallic Navy Blue) and #121 (Metallic Grape). I got the last blue one, so it must have been a crowd favorite! The lipstick was actually free with purchase and the color is #310 Copper Beige. I had a choice between two lipsticks and I went with the lighter one.

I had lots of fun at IMATS with my friends and I'm ready to start saving up for next year! Though I only have one beef with this year's IMATS...there was no MAC booth. They are one of the sponsors, but they were absent from the exhibitors. I really hope they are there next year!


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