Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lady GaGa- Toronto, ON

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I don't do many concert reviews on this blog, but this is Lady GaGa that I'm talking about. She's not just some ordinary person. I don't think a single part of that girl is ordinary!

There were two opening acts- Semi Precious Weapons and Kid Cudi. To be honest, I was not really impressed by either. It's not that either were not talented, they just were not my type of music. The lead singer of SPW was quite flamboyant and out-going to the point that he changed outfits on stage! I wasn't exactly thrilled by that point to get inside, have to wait in line for 30 minutes to get to my seat, and wait another hour for the opening acts. I got there at around 7:30 and Lady GaGa didn't go on stage until around 10:15. That's crazy! I was not impressed by the long wait at all.

Even after the opening acts, there was enough time to play around seven Michael Jackson songs. That part I did not mind. Everyone was getting drunk and there was a drunken dance-off on the floor. One blonde girl thought she was amazing and I have to admit it was pretty funny to watch her keep falling down. And there was a couple in their 40s doing some dirty dancing up in my stands. It was a crazy audience. Lots of GaGa-esque outfits and costumes going on too!

I still don't understand why she'd do Poker Face acoustically and then come right back to do the regular version. I like both versions, but I think only one is necessary. If anything, I think she should have done Christmas Tree! Here is the set list for the concert (I think I have it in the right order):

1. Dance in the Dark
2. Just Dance
3. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
4. LoveGame
5. Boys, Boys, Boys
6. Alejandro
7. Monster
8. So Happy I Could Die
9. Teeth
10. Poker Face (Acoustic)/Make Her Say (with Kid Cudi)
11. Speechless
12. Fashion
13. The Fame
14. Money Honey
15. Paper Gangsta
16. Poker Face
17. Paparazzi
18. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
19. Bad Romance

She was amazing. She performed for two hours and didn't take an intermission. As a matter of fact, she was still performing songs as she was going off the stage to change! She changed about seven or so times! Each outfit got a little more outrageous than the last in pure GaGa form. She sounds great live. And Mark from So You Think You Can Dance (season 4) is a back-up dancer! I noticed him on the big screen and thought to myself what a great fit it was for his quirky dance moves to be teamed up with Lady GaGa!

^my favorite picture that I took and current cell phone background!

The show was fantastic. Her dad was in the audience and she started to cry during Speechless. She also broke down a few times while thanking her fans. She was very chatty and hilarious almost each time she opened her mouth! My only complaint is the long wait just to see her. Otherwise, I left on a concert high that lasted all night. Go see her! :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention about the souvenirs. The Canadian prices were outrageous. $45 for just a tank top? I don't think so. I'm going to order a shirt online later. I bought a glow bracelet for $5 and a tour program which is actually more of an artbook for $20. There were also glow lanyards, ID lanyards, and posters for $10 each. Most of the shirts were $40-45. A lot of the things are cheaper online, but that's to be expected.


Obsessed.Makup.Addict said...

yep welcome to canada....everything is more expensive

Wendy Banner said...

Oh my goodness, I know right?! It's crazy. As if concert memorabilia wasn't expensive already... Ugh!

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