Tuesday, October 20, 2009

F21 Haul

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I'd been looking at a few items online quite a bit the past few weeks, so I decided to get them. That's how I know I really want something. If I like something once and don't go back to it or find myself thinking about it, then it was just in that moment that it caught my eye. If it stays with me, I regret passing it up, or I keep going to look at it in a store, then I want it...I mean, I really want it. That probably makes sense to no one, but it works for me. :) Does anyone else use that method?!

1. Beaded bib top in dark grey from the Faith21 line- the most expensive thing I have gotten from F21/Faith21, but I think it's a great shirt for fall and for dressing up for holiday get-togethers.

2. Jeweled leopard necklace- I like leopards. ;)

3. Jeweled side satin headband- I love jewel colors and thought this would be pretty during the holidays.

4. Two-tone Wayfarer leopard sunglasses- Again, I like leopard print and leopards.

5. Expandable stone bracelet- I like that it's chunky. I don't have that many colorful bracelets and thought it would brighten up the darker colors we all tend to wear during the colder seasons. I don't usually grab up costume jewelry because it turns me green. Some people say why not save up and buy the real thing, but honestly...I don't plan on wearing this enough that I would justify spending what a bracelet like this would cost. I plan on slapping a coat of clear nail polish on the inside and wearing it on nights out. :)

I'm hoping it all will arrive in the mail today! Yay!


Intrinsically Florrie said...

I know what you mean about deciding whether to buy something. It's a good method. I see many nice things online, but it's the ones I really think about afterwards (sometimes proper pining) I go get.

That's a great selection. That is the most beautiful headband!! So pretty, I love it.
I've given up on cheap rings these days, though some makes are worse than others for turning green- but then I'm an artist and am normally left with stains from sort of paint anyway! So I tend to go for rings that are plastic where they touch the finger. But that bracelet is gorgeous! Hmm nail varnish, I had not thought of that.. worth a try.

Hope it all arrives soon! :)

Florrie x

Wendy Banner said...

I got it all today! :) The headband is even prettier in person than I thought it would be! It's going to be so fun playing up my outfit and makeup with it!

I always turn green! Sometimes even with the nail polish, but it definitely helps. If I do turn green with the polish, it's much less noticeable and doesn't last as long. I coat it a few times. With necklaces, I always just throw away the chain and use my own. But sometimes I just find too many cute rings and bracelets that catch my attention. Especially shiny things! :D

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