Monday, October 19, 2009

ELF Reviews

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Here's my review on ELF's blush and bronzer compact duo, as well as their eyebrow kit. I'll do a separate review on the brushes later this week.

This is the packaging. It looks small, but it isn't. It's a little thick. I thought it would feel like the NARS packaging, but it's a slick plastic case. The mirrors are bigger, though.

This is the eyebrow kit in light. The gel is on the left and the right is the setting powder. The women who do my eyebrows told me to always get a shade lighter than I would think for my eyebrows because they are thin and a lighter shade of brown. The little brush that it comes with is actually pretty decent. I can't believe I'm saying that, because I never like the small brushes included in products! The gel and powder are very smooth and pigmented. The color is perfect for me, so I'm rather happy with this purchase.

NARS Orgasm is on the left. While they look similar in life and pictures while in the packaging, the result on skin is different! I was really surprised with the difference of color. The ELF one is much more peachy. The ELF duo is very powdery (in a good way, oddly enough) and pigmented. A little goes a long way, especially with the bronzer. Because it's powdery, it's very smooth and goes on like silk. I really like this and I think it will compliment every skintone.

Wanna know something else?! I got a blusher/bronzer duo and a blush brush from ELF for the contest prizes! So don't forget to follow me and get me to 50 followers!


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