Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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So I got this on Valentine's Day! And I've been using it ever since. Here is my review!

philosophy the present clear makeup

This is a primer much like the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but is great to be used everywhere on your face. It goes on like lotion and you'll honestly notice a smoothing effect the minute you put it on. A little goes a long way! It creates a lovely base for your foundation and concealer. It gives a longer-lasting effect to your foundation, which means less reapplications of your facial powders! I found that it also helps prevent caking from happening. There are also Smashbox and Benefit versions. The only reason I chose this one over the Benefit "That Gal" primer is that Benefit's also lightens your complexion. I have their Dandelion powder that gives that same effect.

I do recommend philosophy's the present clear makeup facial primer! I can see this being a permanent stay in my makeup case. :)



Emily said...

I love Philosophy Present! It was the first primer/pore minimizer that I used and once I am out of what I have now I am going to buy more it Purity!

Check out my blog! =]

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