Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

Currently listening: Circus (album) by Britney Spears
Currently waiting: to go out and look at Christmas lights tonight!
Currently feeling: stressed about trying to find a last-minute holiday trip

It's pretty much a hidden secret that my favorite store to find a bargain is Old Navy. Ok ok...It's not hidden at all! I rarely go in that store and not find anything. I seem to always come out with a purchase, which is why I'm often banned from going in there at all. :P So here is a few of the items I have gotten in the last month!

1. Hollyhock v-neck sweater
2. lightweight hoodie in Pacifica
3. navy faux fur hoodie
4. chenille hoodie, only I got the hollyhock color not the white
5. bear love capri pants

1. cyclamen mittens
2. red fleece pants
3. mustard v-neck pocket tee
4. multi-colored v-neck sweater

And all of it is beyond comfy! Those mittens are very warm and convenient since they fold back to allow the fingers to be free. The chenille hoodie is amazingly soft and cozy. With all the shopping I do...believe it or not...I actually needed more sweaters and cold-weather things. I always think I have enough but these Canadian winters always prove me wrong. With all of the layering, you go through your clothes fast during the weeks. I love the layering and cold weather, though!



SarahGermaine7 said...

I love how every time you post stuff you just bought at Old Navy I find something that I either just bought as well...or were planning to buy...or after I see it on here I go buy it. I have the v-neck sweater....in the super bright blue color. And the mittens in the pink...as well as the matching scarf. Man I love Old Navy!

Wendy Banner said...

I love that bright blue color! I need to get some gloves, a hat, and scarf in the pretty royal purple color since it would match my pink jacket better. :P

I have a serious addiction to Old Navy. I can't wait to see the after Christmas sales!

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