Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Monday, So Good To Me

Currently watching: The Simpsons
Currently doing: writing up Christmas cards
Currently feeling: blahhhhh

I've decided that I love my readers so much that I will offer invites to three of my favorite sites! These sites are invite-only. If interested in any of them, you can either leave your email here or email me at to let me know which invites you want. :) Merry (early) Christmas!

1. Gilt Groupe- private sales of high-end items with huge discounts

2. Rue La La- also private sales of high-end items

*both offer many different brands each week

3. I go here for a lot of inspiration. You don't have to have a membership to look at the outfits, but you do need one to post your own or vote for looks you love.



Kelly said...


I'd love to take a look & see what my budget can afford... after the holidays though. I never knew about these type of sites until I got more into the fashion blogging & now my eyes have been opened.


Wendy Banner said...

If still interested after the holidays, just let me know to send you an invite! They have some great deals. To give you an example, today they have Marc by Marc Jacobs on Gilt. A dress that retails for $378 is being sold on there for $134. Amazing discount! *drools*

And I don't even know if anything will be in my budget until months after the holidays, sadly. Being broke is not fun at all. Bah humbug!

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