Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wintry Wednesday

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It came a snow storm last night. We had not had snow on the ground for a few days. It really came down! I woke up to a winter wonderland! I love snow. :)

The holidays are coming! My favorite classic Christmas movie is It's A Wonderful Life. I love the message that it conveys and I never once don't end that film without feeling grateful for everything this life offers. It makes me warm inside.

As for newer movies, I would choose Elf, Santa Clause series, and The Polar Express. Christmas movies and tv specials are probably my favorite thing EVER to watch! I won't talk about my favorite Christmas tv specials, because it's hard to choose just one! :D
What is your favorite classic Christmas movie?


P.S.- I'm so happy Michelle won on Biggest Loser! Seriously, she was the only decent one. Worst final four ever!


Kelly said...

I'm going with the dear ol' classic The Year without a Santa Claus & Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. :]

Recently I watched Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Cottage and it was extremely emotional and adorable. Most of this has to due with the over active tear ducts and hottness of Jared Padalecki... but I like him that way. Rent it, even though it went straight to video, it was a touching movie.


Wendy Banner said...

Those are good ones! I just watched Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town last week, but I've yet to see Year Without Santa Claus on this season. I have it on DVD, though. :) I bought two of those Christmas Favorites DVDs that offer a lot of the classic animated and stop-motion tales. Pure ♥!

I had no idea there was a Thomas Kinkade special. I adore Jared ever since Gilmore Girls and now he has my heart on Supernatural. I'm going to have to see if I can find it! Thanks for the head's up. :]

SarahGermaine7 said...

I love a Charlie Brown fact...I'm watching it right now. But I think my favorite is White Christmas. I love anything musical!

Wendy Banner said...

All of the Charlie Brown Christmas specials are right up there on the list of animated ones! Love them!

Snow...snow...snowwwww! :) I love that part of the song. I am such a sucker for musicals!

Kori said...

a muppet christmas carol!

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