Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashionable Heart

ATTENTION! :) You can now get to my blog two ways!

1. http://ordinarysuperstar.blogspot.com -old way


2. www.fashionableheart.com -new way

That's right! I now have a domain for here. It was an early Christmas present. Whoohoo!


P.S.- I won't be updating at least for tomorrow and Thursday, which should be fine since you will probably all be busy as well. I have plans to go downtown, stay in a swanky hotel, eat the finest of dinners, stroll the lit streets, and just be side-by-side with my honey. Feel free to tell me what you are doing/what you did for Christmas! I'd love to hear. :)


Amanda said...

Hey Wendy! You have such a cute blog hun. Thanks for stopping by...I won't be a stranger. Merry Christmas!

Mel Mel said...

aww what a neat gift <33

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