Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tacky Tuesday

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This post brings back the tacky Tuesday! Did anyone else watch the finale of The Hills? Holy smokes! I know this show is under scrutiny for being fake, scripted, blah blah blah...I don't care. I'm hooked! First off, I'm still getting over the last episode that saw Heidi and Spencer getting fake married. Yeah, nothing like getting your bride-to-be drunk and schmoozing her to the altar. CLASSY! :P

Even funnier watching Heidi talking to her mom and seeing Spencer sitting there so silent. What a change! And Heidi swears she is happy and yet she has not smiled at all since the day it happened. Though to be fair, I would not be smiling either if I were marrying Spencer. Nooo...I'd get myself on medication for being crazy if that were to happen.

Lauren and Heidi? A reunion? Lauren said some really sweet things to Heidi. That whole scene was awkward, and it seemed to really show a true side to Heidi. Not the Heidi that poses in all of those super-corny photo shoots, but the Heidi that she used to be. I forgot how I actually used to like her. Too much damage has been done for me to really ever like her again, but for a moment I remembered that she was not so bad before she become a mini-Spencer clone.

I love that Heidi's mom and sister is in more episodes. I adore them and how they tell Spencer how it is. Sometimes Holly is too sweet, though! Even Stephanie spoke up to him this time. Good job, Steph! I actually even give Spencer some props for saying what he did at the court ceremony. Did I just say that?! Can't wait for more Hills and The City! I love Whitney!



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