Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Totally Random Tuesday

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Currently getting ready to: play some Wii Fit...borrowed my SIL's board to try it out
Currently feeling: lazy...which is why I want to play some Wii Fit!

So I got a new phone! Yay! My old phone was only around a year and a half old, but it had no QWERTY keyboard. Texting got to be really annoying for me! So I upgraded. :) Perhaps if you watch Gossip Girl, you would have seen my new phone in the episode The Serena Also Rises as Blair tells Rufus that Jenny has not been in school. Ah yes, I have Blair's phone. :D I did not buy it for that purpose, but it makes it a little cooler. Well, to me anyway...

In Canada, Telus calls the LG enV2 a Keybo. That's right. I have a LG Keybo, but seriously everyone knows it by enV2. I was originally going to get the maroon color, but I ended up getting the black one. The inside UI (user interface) is black and green. That's a huge upgrade from my LG Chocolate Flip that had white backgrounds with purple and green links and menus. Plus, it has speaker phone and the option to make a ringtone ring for incoming text messages. My last phone had neither of those options. As far as size goes, both are pretty much equal and only flip in opposite directions.

The only differences from my phone and the picture I have posted is:
There are no gray colored keys like the image on the right.
The red lettering on the keys on the picture are actually blue on my phone.
I have a Telus symbol on my phone instead of Verizon. Haha!
The inside menu that they show as red and black is actually green and black on mine.

I love my new phone! And I like to make myself approachable. So if you are a reader and you want a new text buddy, let me know! We can exchange numbers. :) Just shoot me an email at fragilesupernova@gmail.com!


Anonymous said...

EK! i was just at tellus like 2 hours ago looking at that phone in maroon !!
I also have the chocolate flip atm too, but I really want that one !
I was going to ask about how much it would be to upgrade and stuff but there was alot of people in there and I didn't have alot of time :(
I would love to have a new text buddy :)
p.s-im from spoiled girls :)

Wendy Banner said...

Hey, fellow SG! :D I really wanted that color, but I was talking to the guy there who was talking about how I would have to pay full price for the phone. He told me to go to Walmart and buy the Pay & Talk one. The Pay & Talk one only comes in black but it's like $100 cheaper.

You just go on your account online, click e.care, and upgrade headsets! You save $100 just like that! To me, it was worth not getting it in the other color. I figure I'll just buy a skin if I want! :)

SarahGermaine7 said...

I have the original enV in silver and I love it! It's not as slim as the new one, but I still like it. My only problem is that I use my QWERTY so much that my "a" key is dying....and I have a full year before I can upgrade for anything less than full price. You're gonna love it though...they're great phones.

Wendy Banner said...

Sarah, we should text each other sometime! My best friend has the original enV in green and she loves it. It was on her advice that made me choose this phone over the Blackberry Curve!

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