Monday, October 6, 2008

Music Monday

Currently listening: Barracuda by Fergie
Currently wondering: What on earth was with the random dream I just had?
Currently feeling: cold

Time for Music Monday! What's On My iPod? Pt. 6! :) Or better yet, what's on my NEW iPod TOUCH. :P Yeah, it's my new addiction.

  1. Bruises by Chairlift (the song from the new iPod Nano commercial)
  2. Love Lockdown (Kanye West cover) by Fall Out Boy
  3. Stepping Stone by Duffy
  4. Better in Time by Leona Lewis
  5. How I Could Just Kill A Man by Charlotte Sometimes
  6. Big Girl Now by NKOTB and Lady GaGa
  7. Light On by David Cook
  8. Human by The Killers
  9. So What by Pink
  10. Love Lockdown version 2 by Kanye West (I'm in love with this song!)
If you want to hear any of these, just ask and I'll upload the song for you. :)


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