Friday, November 20, 2020

My Warm and Cozy Inspired Christmas List

It's a strange year and the holidays feel different this time around. I must admit that I feel torn about how to do holiday posts this year. I normally do gift guides, but it doesn't feel exactly like the right fit for me at this time. So I'm thinking of sitting this year out with those, but still showing a few festive ideas here and there. I have Bath and Body Works and Old Navy hauls that I'm thinking of posting that are full of current items still available, should you see something you like. Today's post, I'm sharing a few things on my Christmas list. Perhaps these types of posts feel like the same idea, but I just don't want to have posts labeled as gift guides this year. Absolutely nothing against those who choose to do them!

I think with it being the holidays, you should at least treat yourself to a gift that makes you happy. Maybe you're not seeing family. Maybe you can't afford gifts for everyone this year and gift giving is your love language. Whatever may be going on, remember to go easy on yourself. This won't be a normal holiday season for anyone. So again, go easy on yourself and try to surround yourself with things that make you happy. Music, a glass of wine, twinkling lights, holiday movies, etc.

If it makes you feel warm inside, it is a winner. I think that was what I was thinking of when I was deciding on what I truly want at this time. We're home a lot and I just want all of the warmth, coziness, and good vibes. I want our home to ooze hygge! Not featured on this list is the ever-so-essential and yet ever-so-boring things I wouldn't mind getting under the tree like new sheets, towels, and a vacuum cleaner. No pun intended when I say our ancient one sucks at doing its job. 😜 

And if I get nothing but a few days of vacation with my husband and dog, sitting by our trees, watching festive shows, and eating treats we don't normally eat all the way until the new year? I'm sooooo okay with that too. Because at this point, I think the true gift will be 2021 arriving. Good grief, please be better than 2020. Am I right?! 🙏

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  • Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill and Air Fryer -My big ticket item I've been wanting. I cook all of our meals aside from the rare takeout and this thing seems to do a little of everything! Our super old grill is on its last legs and this seems like a good option while giving me even more flexibility in the kitchen than I had before with it being able to air fry and dehydrate!
  • Bailey's Red Velvet Cupcake - Red velvet everything! We're not ones to really drink that often, but something about the idea of some of this in hot chocolate? Sign me up. That sounds amazing and perfect for sipping in front of our big tree!
  • Replica Coffee Break Fragrance - It was between this and Gucci Guilty. After having a sample of Gucci Guilty, I really fell for it. Then I saw this and thought, "yep, gonna need that". Haha! A scent that mimics coffee with notes of lavender? Two of my favorite things? Sign me up. Take my money!
  • Laneige Lip Daydreams Set - A balm for the day and a sleeping mask for night? Love it! Even better that the sleeping one is in the limited edition "sweet candy" scent.
  • OGX Coconut Coffee Body Cream and Scrub - I've heard so many good things about these and the scent. Honestly, it had my heart at coconut and my soul at coffee. Do I need another lotion or scrub? Probably not. Do I still want them? Abso-darn-lutely.
  • Sherpa Pullover - This specific one is from Old Navy, but I haven't come across too many sherpa fleece things I don't like. I'm a texture person, so I love throwing on things like this or covering up in a soft blanket. And coming into late fall and winter, I don't think the limit exists for how many warm things to own.

What's on your list? I wish you all well this year as the holiday season is upon us. May you stay safe and healthy.


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