Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christmas Vibes Playlist 2019

I live for Christmas music. It instantly makes me happier! Am I the type to start singing Jingle Bells in July because it pops into my head? Yes, yes I am. I thought I would share some of my favorite songs, some old and some new. You can find all of these and then some in my Christmas playlist on Spotify! What's your favorite Christmas tune? I have a few, but the top of my list is probably I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevey and I hardly ever hear it on the radio!

I have the playlist on shuffle right now as I type. I hope you'll give the ones listed below a listen! There has been some great new songs that will hopefully turn into classics, because we can only have so many versions of songs like White Christmas before we just realllllly need something new, am I right? If you've got a holiday song that I need to hear, drop it in the comments! I listen to everything, especially in the Christmas/holiday category!

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