Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What's In My Purse

I love these old school posts so much. I am still a member of the LJ community (when I actually dust off my account and sign on) dedicated to what is inside people's purses and a huge part of me wishes it was still active. Heck, just LiveJournal in general. I was a member of some great communities and those were the days. I'm just really happy that it allowed me meet some great people that I still get to continue friendships with through other social media sites and our blogs.

The last time I did one of these posts was last April, so it has been a while. So let's see what I am still carrying and what has changed! The purse is from Chapters Indigo and no longer offered, sadly. Also, my phone (a Samsung S8+) is not pictured because I used it for the photo (because I was too lazy to get out my DSLR...). Though to be fair, it is almost always in my hand as opposed to in my bag!

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  • Kate Spade Battery Charger - I always have this on me. I would love to invest in one that more power, but this gets me through a day, events, or road trips.
  • Tic Tacs - Or mints or gum. Just something to freshen up. Especially at my physio sessions, because we get really close while working my knee. Haha!
  • Pen and Notebook - Always. I know I can use my phone for notes, but nothing beats pen and paper for me.
  • Change Purse - Or wallet, just depends. Right now, this little pouch is holding my cards and change. Also, it just goes so well with this bag. The polar bear is no surprise to most of you that know my obsession.
  • Lotion - My anti-bacterial gel must still be in my other purse or it would be right here with the lotion. Note to self to grab it because I can't live without one in my purse. The hand lotions from Bath & Body Works never let me down.
  • Makeup - Sometimes more, but never less. You will always find my lip product of the day, eyeliner, and an extra concealer in my bag at all times. Those are the three that make me feel the most put together.
  • Mirror - Too many times in my past I have needed a mirror and not had one. Now I make sure this one moves from every bag when I switch. It's just an old double-sided Sephora mirror that I think came with a gift card back in the day.
  • Tissues - Never without. I've suffered from chronic nosebleeds since I was 5 and I never know when one will strike. I think the most embarrassing one was 8th grade chorus class and having to sing a note so she could decide which group to put me in, all eyes on me, and the flood gates opened right then and there. Such perfect timing! And my last one was two weeks ago. So yep, can't go without tissues.
  • Keys - Obviously. The only thing that really changes in this category is that I sometimes change up the keychains. Right now, it's a Cath Kidston 101 Dalmatians keyfob and a Taylor Swift Reputation lanyard off of my hoodie from the tour.
What are things that always get rotated from bag to bag for you - your essentials?! If I'm carrying one of my bigger bags, what I choose to carry changes quite a bit and I go into "Mary Poppins" mode. I condense it to my true essentials for the smaller totes like this one. Maybe I'll do one for what is in my physio bag at some point!


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