Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Break 2018 Road Trip Playlist

I might be late for some of you, but spring break is coming up! Granted, I'm not in school anymore but my wedding anniversary is this coming Sunday so it always feels like I still get a spring break vacation. I cannot wait to hit the road, even though we're staying semi-close to home. And one of my favorite parts about a long car ride is getting to make a playlist to listen to.

I keep a lot on my iPod to please both of our musical tastes and my husband will add any new songs that he wants, as well. Here's what I am personally adding to our playlist on this trip! Some of it is throwback tunes, because I am LIVING for my 90s music right now. 90s anything, really. Obsessed.

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  1.  Don't Blame Me - Taylor Swift
  2.  Havana - Camila Cabello
  3.  Heaven - Julia Michaels
  4.  New Rules - Dua Lipa
  5.  Delicate - Taylor Swift
  6.  The Boy is Mine - Brandy and Monica
  7.  Are You That Somebody - Aaliyah
  8.  Lovefool - The Cardigans
  9.  All Cried Out - Allure
  10.  No Excuses - Meghan Trainor
  11.  Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello
  12.  Tell Me You Love Me - Demi Lovato
  13.  Bye Bye Bye - N SYNC
  14.  S Club Party - S Club 7
  15.  For You - Liam Payne and Rita Ora
  16.  Finesse - Bruno Mars and Cardi B


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