Wednesday, March 1, 2017

InstaMonth: February 2017 (ft. Old Navy and Valentine's Day Items)

Time for the post where I share some of my favorite pictures from my Instagram over the course of the past month. As always, I would love for us to follow each other. You can find me as "wendybanner" and I post six times a week. I post a mixture of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and quotes (big Motivation Monday fan!).

I normally try to give an update on my knee in these posts and don't think I have in a while. There's just not much to update on. I still can't get it fully straight BUT I did get it slightly straighter. Bending it is still also a big issue. I'm working on standing longer and going further without relying on my cane. Stamina and strength is a real you-know-what to get back. You don't realize how much you depend on your knee's extension and flexion until you can't do much of either. But honestly, it affects everything you do with your legs.

I'm still going to physio and my therapist enjoys (a little too much) throwing difficult tasks my way. The best part is when he brings something out that I once had a hard time doing and breeze through it. I don't always see my progress because it is so gradual (and painstakingly slow at times), but it feels so good when that happens. That all of this hard work is paying off and any amount of improvement IS improvement.

It's so easy to focus on negatives, isn't it? But sometimes you just need to pat yourself on the back and give yourself some appreciation and love!

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1. Happy Pats fan right here! // 2. This mud mask is amazing. // 3. The new Bite pencils are worthy of a purchase.
4. When in doubt, make out. // 5. ColourPop Party Trick set. // 6. Old Navy haul. (chambray, weekend tee, floral sweatshirt, leggings)
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7. Pamper session with the new Legendary Olive Whole Blends set. // 8. ColourPop x NKLA // 9. My wintry view.
10. New from Arbonne. Coming up next week! // 11. The cutest lip balms. // 12. My Valentine purse set. (purse, wallet)


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