Friday, February 5, 2016

InstaMonth for January 2016

We are in February already! Wow! I always do my Instagram roundups in a monthly post and I can't start this month's without first thanking those of you that follow me on there. I reached 1,000 this past week and that's pretty darn awesome. If you want to connect with each other on Instagram, you can find me as "wendybanner".

Also, here's my obligatory knee update because I always seem to put it in these posts. I hit the seven month mark on January 27th. Seven of the longest months of my life. I'm walking a little more unassisted, but most of the time is still assisted. I did go out for date night last Sunday and walked into the restaurant holding on to my husband's arm. It was a HUGE deal for me! My waiter totally understood because he broke his back last summer. We had that special moment of understanding.

I got a cane to use for extra balance, because that's still lacking especially until I can fully straighten my leg. I picked a floral and pink cane, because hello- can you think of anything else better suited for me? Ha! The cashier said "Are you sure? Usually the retired grandmothers go for that one." Since when does pink and floral equal grandma style?  I mean, if that's the definition, I pretty much came out of the wound as a grandma. But why should I have to stick to basic black just because I'm younger? That cashier has no chill. #dontjudge

Let's see what January brought to my Instagram account!

chapters, indigo, polar bears, salt cellar, marble, home decor, beauty, origins, essie, juicy bamboo, gap, f21, demeter
1. A little home decor haul from Chapters! I've been wanting a salt cellar for a while and I couldn't pass up these polar bear napkin rings.
2. See my favorite products of 2015 here.
3. See what I got for Christmas here.
4. My Demeter kits that I can't wait to talk about with you next week!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, beauty, instagram, instamonth, lbloggers, chopsaver, old navy, f21, eccolo, planner, staedtler fineliners, poopourri, nail polish canada
5. ChopSaver makes playing my flute easier on my lips.
6. Staying cozy!
7. My newest planner. This one is for the blog.
8. Poo-Pourri. I'll be talking about this next week!
bbloggers, bbloggersca, beauty, instagram, instamonth, lbloggers, eccolo, planner, germany, gift sway, too faced, chocolate bon bons, arbonne, pink
  9. Already feeling the Valentine's Day vibes. Lipstick is Arbonne's Willow.
10. A gift swap from my friend. She threw in some goodies from her trip to Germany and Belgium. LOVE!
11. Swatches are coming!
12. Pretty in pink.
bbloggers, bbloggersca, beauty, instagram, instamonth, lbloggers, starbucks, ham swiss croissant, garnier, whole blends, demeter, elizabeth and james, revlon pink pout, mac snob
13. Ham and swiss croissant from Starbucks. Full of yes.
14. All of these things smell so good. See my review on the Garnier #WholeBlends here.
15. MAC Snob vs. Revlon Pink Pout.
16. Date night!

Gosh, I love Instagram. Find my other social media sites linked on my sidebar and connect with me!


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