Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: For the Pet Lover

Our pets deserve all of the spoiling in the world. Seriously at this point, Indy has more presents under our tree than anyone else. So this is a guide for your own pet or for any animal lover in your life! I'm the type of person who buys a bag of treats or toys to take to my dentist's dogs. Here are some ideas to spoil our best friends rotten, all under $50.

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1. Fleece Blanket (via PetSmart) - $4.77 CA
2. Small Animal Cozy Cup (via PetSmart) - $8.99 CA
3. Cat Scratching Post (via PetSmart) - $18.99 CA
4. Personalized Collar (via Etsy) - $42.39+ CA
5. Pet ID Tag (via Etsy) - $18.41 CA
6. Toys (via PetSmart) - $3.49 CA

I hope your furry (and the not-so-furry) little (and the not-so-little) ones enjoy their new treats and goodies this holiday season. I know my pup is going to be excited simply because he loves tearing tissue paper apart, so I am wrapping all of his gifts in it. This place is going to look like a tissue paper factory exploded!
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