Thursday, September 3, 2015

InstaMonth for August 2015

August went by quickly and I am so happy about that. September not only means the start of autumn, but also the end of one of my worst summers in a long time. I've been waiting for the September-December time of the year for what feels like ages. I'm ready for pumpkins, boots, changing leaves, and holidays.

This post is to share some of my recent shots on Instagram from last month. But I also want to share a pet peeve of mine that keeps happening. Those accounts that have a lot of followers by using the "follow + wait for follow back = unfollow formula". Not cool, you guys. It's one thing to unfollow someone when they don't follow you back, I like that mutual thing myself. But to get that follow and five minutes later unfollow?

Everyone knows social media is #srsbsns. I mean, come on...but I digress. ;) Let's see how my August played out on my Instagram!
instagram instamonth bbloggers bbloggersca makeup dog watermelon juice nars sephora birthday
1. Sephora birthday freebie and awesome tote. // 2. My little Indy.
3. National Watermelon Day. // 4. I'm really feeling NARS recently.
instagram instamonth bbloggers bbloggersca makeup  nyx kate spade planner agenda 2016 office supplies
5. Dreaming of being rich... //  6. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Instanbul
7.  New planner. // 8. Planning time is always a favorite.
instagram instamonth bbloggers bbloggersca makeup cookies nars sephora dior mufe korres urban decay ikea
9. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. One of the best smells! // 10. Back to basics.
11. August favorites. // 12. Just take all of my money, Ikea.


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